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Fuller Center 2017 Bike Adventure

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 00:00

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Well hello everyone. Thank you, thank you!! I did it, we did it, I completed 1700 miles of riding with the Fuller Center 2017 Bike Adventure team. Segments 1 through 4, San Francisco to Santa Fe over a 30 day period.


Mallorca Training Ride

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Monday, 06 March 2017 00:00

Sometimes we have to get away. Sometimes we are sent away. But the key is to be away at least once in a while. I was lucky enough this time to be sent away – for work – to Mallorca. Time to mix work and play? Absolutely!


Bikeman in Iceland

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Friday, 09 December 2016 18:24

About a year ago I had the opportunity to see the Ben Stiller movie, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. One of the most memorable and affecting parts is when the main character travels to Iceland. For some reason, I couldn’t get the scenery out of my head. I started thinking that it would be a crazy cool experience to mountain bike in such a beautiful, surreal place. So I took a serious look into it and, after much planning and research, was able to head to Iceland for the first few weeks of September of this year.


Tour de Suisse, Summer 2016

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Saturday, 27 August 2016 00:00

Traveling around new countries is great. Traveling by bike is better. So traveling round new countries by bike must be the best, right? Well yes, it pretty much is, at least in the world according to me. Especially when the scenery is like this...


Ramblin’ Vewe - MTB in the Lakes Region NH

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 19:06

Visiting the Lakes Region in New Hampshire and looking for some fun mountain bike riding? Look no further, Ramblin’ Vewe Farm in Gilford, NH is a nonprofit with exceptional trails.


Mammoth Mtn, CA

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Friday, 29 July 2016 00:00

I'm from the flatlands down here in southern GA and to be honest I have NEVER been out West to ride. Business, yes. Riding, no.


Colorado MTB

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 17:18

In short, my wife Emily put together a jam packed MTB riding itinerary around her work conference in Colorado Springs, CO. The plan was to visit with friends and family along with working remotely. We packed up the bikes along with a Saris rear trunk mount (older model which travels great). Last year we found out this model was very good for breaking down and fits easily in a bike box.


Cappadocia - The Moab of Turkey

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 17:05

My brother and his family have been living in Istanbul, Turkey for the last 2 years. They are coming home this summer so I wanted to get over and visit them while they were still there. I booked a 10 day trip at the beginning of May and decided that, while Istanbul would probably be the largest portion of my trip, it would be worth it to try and see more of Turkey than just that exciting city. I spoke with my brother and he recommended I take a quick trip down to the Cappadocian region of Turkey. I was able to find a very inexpensive flight from Istanbul to Nevsehir for the middle of my vacation. There are many exciting things to do in Cappadocia but I thought it would be great to see the area by bike. By mountain bike if possible. So I started to do some research and found a company called Middle Earth Travel that does all kinds of bike tours in Turkey. They have a wide range of options but I decided if I was going to do it, I may as well do it big. So I signed up for the tour they’ve titled ‘From the Jungle to the Moon and Back’.


Three Days in Phoenix

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 17:30

I woke up one morning in the middle of February to find the outside temperature hovering around 30 degrees below zero. Awesome way to start the day. Seemed like that was happening a lot over this past winter in New England. I gathered up as much determination as I could and made my way in to work. Somewhat auspiciously, after lunch, I received an email from a friend that I hadn’t heard from in quite some time. This friend happens to live in Phoenix and he was sending me some pictures of his bike perched against a rock, surrounded by cactuses under a clear, blue, and he assured me, very warm sky. Needless to say, I wrote him back straight away and subtly asked if I might be able to come visit; something like “Dude, when can I come visit?” Nice to have friends you can be direct with. After some delays and complications I was able to make a long weekend trip out to Phoenix to do some mountain biking at the beginning of April.


Fall Month Long Southwest Trip - Part II

Bikeman Blogs - TravelBlog

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 16:11

This travel report is part two of the my month long MTB Tour of the Southwest. Check out part one if you missed it, here. Now back to the story. We pick up halfway into the trip in the Southern part of Colorado, Durango, to find things cool, but slightly dryer. The sheer volume and variety of riding in that one single mountain town is staggering! There are over 100 trails, some of which go to 12,000ft; its easy to see why living here has produced some of the top racers in the country. Todd Wells, Ned Overend, you get the picture. There are too many trails to mention but Horse Gulch, Animas Mtn, and the Colorado Trail stand out.


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