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This Week at Bikeman, #2

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Written by Wally Wallace Friday, 14 October 2011 00:00

Another week, another ... website offers FREE Shipping. That is the biggest news released from the Bikeman vault this week. We have been working on this one for a while now and have even been testing it live on the site for the past week. It is now official and any order placed on BIKEMAN.com that is valued at over $100 and does not fall into an oversize product restriction, qualifies for FREE Shipping. We still offer super affordable USPS & UPS shipping rates on lower cost items so you don't need to spend the hundy to get a good deal. Click on the banner to view the details about the new policy.

Last week we received our complete shipment of Kona Jake the Snake 2012 Framesets. As always Kona has done a great job at creating a solid, race ready, easy on the eyes, CX frameset. The 2012 just about the same as the 2011 frameset with the biggest change being a switch to a PressFit 30 Bottom Bracket system from the previous years BB30 system. This was a surprise to us and we didn't notice it till we opened up a frame and took a close look. Bikeman really likes the PressFit 30 system and feel it was a move in the right direction for Kona. Being that this was the coolest, new product arrival of the week it had to be our Bikeman Poster of the week as well.

Keeping on the Kona theme our rep paid a visit to the shop this past Wednesday. He was in the area for NEMBA Fest and found his way up to Maine this week for a quick visit. After being treated to a great MTB ride around Portland with Big Al Tuesday night he found his way up to Bath and bought a few of us breakfast Wednesday morning. The best part about his visit was the chance to check out his Prototype Kona carbon 29er hardtail. Crazy cool bike. I think he presold a few while he was here for sure.

The other big news on the website was the reintroduction of the Name that TOOL contest. We are excited to be starting these up again and that means the Attic launch and Attic What IZIT is just around the corner. Hopefully we can talk about that next week.

On the horizon we do have shipments of Mukluk frame packs that are due in next week and more video content for BikemanTV. Product and tech videos are next. Till next time.


This Week at Bikeman, #1

Bikeman Blogs - Bikemans World - Bikelandia

Written by Wally Wallace Wednesday, 14 September 2011 00:00

Hey Folks, Time for a quick update on the latest goings on here at Bikeman. It is Interbike week but those of us left behind have been busy updating the website and generating content (including some new videos we will be posting soon!) We hope you have been enjoying the site and please, if you have any feedback or ideas for making both the shopping and content surfing experiences better let us know. The best way to communicate your ideas would be to use the comments on the Weekly Update blog posts. We will read and answer all of the comments each week.

New Closeout Nav Options

On to the site updates. Today we added a few links to our Closeout Closet. You can now access our Dismount Deals and Ebay Auctions directly from the Dirty Deals menu. From time to time we may also feature a closeout section as we are doing now with the Pedro's Closeouts. We received an email today asking for a "View All" button on the Closeout Closet page and we are looking into that now. I believe in a previous version of the site we did have a feature like this and it should not be too much trouble to implement.

Mukluk Poster

Some of you may have noticed a trend with posts to our Facebook account. We have been doing custom "Posters" for several new products that are featured on our website and at our retail store. So far we have done a Salsa Spearfish Poster, Kona Major Jake Poster, Salsa Mamasita Poster and a Salsa Mukluk Poster. These have been fun to do and the response has been good so look for one new poster a week ongoing.

Team Bikeman has been rolling along and gearing up for an exciting Cyclocross season. We have a big announcement / press release coming next week introducing our new Masters Elite Cyclocross Team. Pictures and official press release are forth coming.

Bikeman is also planning the return of the Attic in the very near future. We have been doing some reorganizing of content and prepping for some new Attic What IZIT contests. This will be introduced within the next 2 weeks and will include some new content and contest items for you to view. The Attic was always a big part of our website and we have been working to get it back on-line since the new site went live. Sorry for the delay but I'm sure you will be pleased with the new Attic content.

For our local retail customers, please note, this weekend Bikeman will be closing at 1:00 PM EST on Saturday to celebrate the Wedding of the owners daughter Laurel! If you need anything this Saturday get in early.

That's all for now. Keep em turnin and we will catch you next week.


It's All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness On Two Wheels, Book Review

Bikeman Blogs - Bikemans World - Bikelandia

Written by Matthew Hersey Thursday, 30 June 2011 00:00

Its All About the Bike Book ImageThis is a story about building the ultimate road bike. Not a racing bike, but a comfortable bike to show off and ride for the rest of your life. Researching each part to find that balance between strength, lightness, and durability - we all dream of it. What would each of us build if money was no object? Robert Penn decided to build his bike, make an adventure of it, and write a book about it. I should start off by telling you that this guy lives in Wales.


Prototype Commuter lights

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009 01:00

I came across one of the coolest safety lights for commuters. Even though it is still in prototype, it has a lot of promise. I mean how many times have cars nearly swiped you with mirrors or worse yet doors! This rear light has a red light for safety and two green lasers that produce bright green lines on the road surface about 3 feet on either side of the bike creating your own bike "lane." I hope this product eventually comes to fruition. See the video .

Bikeman site upgrades continue!

Bikeman Blogs - Bikemans World - Bikelandia

Wednesday, 10 June 2009 01:00

Hey Folks, Bikeman here to let you know about some very cool new functionality I recently added to my website.    One of the coolest things my programers have come up with is the ability to put additional product images on the my product detail pages.   Now not every product will have extra images available but I'll make sure we work to get images in place where they can help you the most.   The screen shot below shows an expample of a product with extra images.    When you click on the thumbnail images below the main image a popup / detail view will appear.     Cool Huh...


The New Spring Fashions?

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Thursday, 23 April 2009 01:00

Well it's been a while. Last week I had my first ride home in shorts! I was trying to think when the last time was--I bet I have to go back to October. Man, that's a long time to be wearing tights or rain pants. It was nice to just change out of shorts and a jersey. Those extra layers really add to the changing time each day. Some days in the winter I think I spend more time looking for clothes, putting them on or washing them than I do actually riding. But no more. This weekend we're supposed to hit the 75 degree mark. Now that's downright hot. But why do I change back and forth? Comfort--comfort on the bike and comfort off. I have yet to find a durable enough, comfortable enough outfit that works for riding and sitting in the office. Plus, no matter how near of far your ride is, you're gonna sweat.

I read an article the NYT about fashion and biking. It was pretty ridiculous. Now, I really should be happy that more people are considering riding bikes to work. But these jackholes are worrying about what designer clothes are cool enough to pay homage to their overpriced Dutch-style bikes. Good grief. The dude in the photo is wearing a full suit and a trench coat. Even in the dead of winter this boob will be sweating his baguettes off. And then he'll be all stinky sitting around in a 2K wool suit all day. Dumb. Dress for comfort, not stupid fashion. Don't let clothes be the reason you don't bike, or do bike. Commuting by bike is about keeping one less car off the road. It's about getting some exercise in our otherwise sedentary life. It's about simple things like hearing birds chirp or seeing all the worms on the pavement after a rain storm.

It's Spring, so get on out there and ride. Bike to work week is coming in May--Cities and towns across the US have all kinds of events and activities to help spread the word about commuting. Recruit a friend this year--I have a couple I'm going to target. Ride safely, have fun.

Do It Yourself Plastic Pedal Hop Up Kit!

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009 01:00


     So by now there is no denying that plastic pedals are everywhere, every company has put one out and a lot of dudes love them. Obviously if you have read any of my previous blogs you know I'm down with plastic, my only gripe being that you have to replace them relatively frequently, but something has got to give. One night I was checking out a couple spent Odyssey Twisted PC's that really didn't owe me anything, after a few sprocket grinds I had pretty much wiped the teeth right off them, and I had an idea that might get me a little more life out of my wrecked pedals. The cool thing about the Twisted PC's as well as a lot of other companies is that they basically use the same mold as they're aluminum pedals, so I thought why not drill out the spot where my plastic pins were and screw some removable pins through the holes just as they are on the aluminum version. Of course this will make your shin friendly plastics into an angrier slightly more deadly plastic metal hybrid, but it's still minor compared to what a metal pedal will do to your legs.



      I've tried this with my Odysseys as well as with my Eastern plastics and both seem to hold the pins in just fine, and you can replace them if you need to. So far I have only tried the Odyssey styled removable pins , which you insert and screw in from the other side, not the grub screw style that have an Allen key fitting on the topside, but I plan on trying that to if I can get my paws on some extra pins. The thing I like about them is that you don't need to replace every plastic pin with a metal one, I just did the four corner pins. As I was writing this article, I discovered I definitely wasn't the only one that thought this was a good idea, Odyssey has just released the JC PC pedal, which splits in half around the axle and the screws that hold it together end up being your pins when the poke out the other side, pretty slick.


 Back from the dead!



The Return of Plastic Pedals

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Monday, 24 November 2008 01:00


As a kid, you're bike seemed to be one way to measure how cool you were, and back then a set of plastic pedals screamed junk. If you didn't roll up with a big set of nasty beartraps covered in teeth you might as well not have anything at all, fast forward 15 years and all of a sudden plastic has been made a comeback! I was hesitant at first, mostly concerned with the obvious, are theses things really going to give me any grip? Are they going to hold up?  Well actually I have been more than happy with them so far. There are quite a few advantages really, they're light, they're cheap, and the provide plenty of grip without attacking my shins like a cheese grater, I can't count the number of times I've slipped a pedal and thanked myself for having these. There are a couple disadvantages, one, don't ride them with wet shoes because then they fell like someone covered you feet in grease, and two, the bearings aren't sealed so they don't last forever, but they do seem to hold up just as long as the unsealed aluminum versions. I picked up a pair from Eastern, but Odyssey has been making them for years, and Primo along with most other major parts manufacturers have all released a version, even some with removable teeth. These would also be great for non-BMX bikes as well, it would be a good addition to any commuter or cruiser where you just want to hop on and ride. While not for the ripper who wants his feet totally superglued to his bike and dosen't care what happens to his shins should they happen to come unstuck, I'm not that tough and dig my plastics.


Use A Hub Guard!

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Saturday, 22 November 2008 01:00


After watching the spoke heads on my new wheelset rapidly disappear as I grind them into nothing, I thought maybe it's time to try a hub guard. Most likely dismissed by the weight conscious, or those of you who don't want anything on your bike except the wheels, hub guards seemed like a pretty good idea when you don't want to have to always have a bunch of extra spokes around. Deciding to give it a shot, I chose the FBM version thinking they seem to always make pretty cool stuff. I wish the one I got was easier to find, now they don"t seem as simple to get, but with so many companies like Demolition , KHE , Profile Racing, and others making their own versions that are matched to their hubs, it seems like these new options are better anyway. Don't want to have to buy a new hub? I don't blame you check out the G.L.A.N.D. by G sport, it should fit on most hubs and because it's made of plastic, it's pretty dang light. So if you're tired of mangling spokes, and destroying the hub flanges slap on one of these and grind them to nothing!




KHE Reverse Bruce Crisman Freecoaster

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Friday, 21 November 2008 01:00

After watching a number of videos, I decided that I needed a freecoaster hub, rolling backwards without having to backpedal seemed like it could be pretty cool. Used mostly in flatland, freecoasters seem to have made more of a presence in street lately, with 14mm axles and big sealed bearings, it opens a whole new bag of tricks. For my wheel I decided to go with the KHE Reverse, there are a whole bunch of options with this hub, left hand drive, right hand drive, a choice between 14mm and 3/8 axles, and depending on availability a bunch of colorways. Since I originally wrote this review there have been a couple updated versions by KHE, like the Geisha Lite, and the Reverse ACB, a number of other companies also produce there own, but many use the KHE internals. All of the KHE hubs have slack adjustment springs which allow you to customize this engagement to your liking, I found the engagement on the reverse to be faster than that on the Geisha out of the box. I've ridden both the Reverse and the Geisha, and found for my needs riding primarily street and parks that the reverse is the hub for me, the Geisha might be better suited for flatland, but I like the big axle and the faster engagement on the Reverse. So far I have been pretty happy with my hub, I"ve added a couple of slack adjustment washers and replaced the bearings in the driver which wore out pretty quickly, an issue KHE claims to have solved with the Reverse ACB. So get one and go ride your bike backwards!




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