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Ramblin’ Vewe - MTB in the Lakes Region NH

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Visiting the Lakes Region in New Hampshire and looking for some fun mountain bike riding? Look no further, Ramblin’ Vewe Farm in Gilford, NH is a nonprofit with exceptional trails.

What I love about this place:

  1. Parking
  2. Kiosk with information about the farm, the trails, maps, and donation box
  3. Great signage
  4. Peaceful and serene
  5. Of course, the TRAILS - GREAT TRAILS! The trails are really well laid out with smooth transitions from one trail to the next taking the guesswork out of "which trail should I hit next?"

There are a few types of terrain here:

High ground -  which is dry hard pack through pines with some rocky features, some climbing, and swoopy turns.

The rest of the terrain is dank forest with plenty of rock features to keep things interesting, and solid bench cuts that make traversing trails up, over, and through, very manageable. Note: that because of the dank forest, the rocks can often be moist and slippery when wet. These relatively new trails are not yet beaten down or eroded away like many other New England riding locations, but their cushy top layer, supported by solid terra firma, makes these trails a true treat to ride. Another cool component of these trails are the unique rock features either natural, or man made, which typically have two options: ride through the obstacle or around the obstacle. The rock options are all ride-able, but certainly test your skills. I have been here a handful of times and have rarely seen people, which is another aspect that enhances the natural beauty.

Suggested loop (1.5 hour give or take 30 minutes):

Park on Boyd Hill Rd. – climb BOYD BYPASS (6) and cross directly onto STONE TEMPLE (4) where you will climb a little more on some twisty hard-pack to SHEEPISH (10). Sheepish is my favorite trail with lots of rock features. After that, deposit directly onto LP GAS (7) RINSE & SPIT (12) a fun sidewinding descent with some optional features, then climb back up via LP GAS (7) stop at the picnic table for a quick snack then keep climbing out to the intersection of ROCKWOOL (11). Crank out Rockwool to admire some fine bench cut work and some rocky man made features followed by MOOSE QUARRY (2) with lots of serpentine action. Meander on the double wide track till you get to DAS CLAW (3) back in the high ground, there is a great vista up here, follow DAS CLAW out till you come back to the top of STONE TEMPLE where you begin your descent back to the car.

There is plenty more trail to tack on to this loop given your time, company, and skill level.

FMI and trail map visit www.ramblinvewefarm.org. Happy riding!

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