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Fuller Center 2017 Bike Adventure

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Well hello everyone. Thank you, thank you!! I did it, we did it, I completed 1700 miles of riding with the Fuller Center 2017 Bike Adventure team. Segments 1 through 4, San Francisco to Santa Fe over a 30 day period. Riding with the FCBA team was one of the best experiences of my 67 year lifetime, often just as much fun as a good Cross Country Mtn Bike one way single track ride. A very supportive atmosphere was formed in the 25 person team from the start. We had some wonderful pot luck suppers in the very many churches and communities that supported us alone the way, and I have at least 15 new friends located in various parts of the USA. Additionally, I am currently considering being involved with the full cross country ride in 2018, rumored to be from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.

The Fuller Center Bike Adventure serves as a way to provide awareness and raise money for repairing and building homes in poverty areas in the USA and globally. I focused on funding 2 homes in Haiti this year. The cross country trip began in San Francisco and will be continuing all the way to Savannah, GA. Riders can join for a day, a week or do the whole ride. Out of 28 total riders this year, 15 will be going the whole way. Each rider also raises approximately one dollar or more per mile which also covers costs associated with the SAG wagon. The Fuller Center's ultimate goal is to eliminate poverty housing through long term zero percent interest loans. The Fuller Center works both in the United States and internationally in 16 countries.

Many, many contributors helped me achieve a goal of $11,000 for the fundraising for the ride, however the team is still attempting to raise funds as they ride, so if you have this type of effort on your heart, donations are always welcome and remember 97% of the funds raised go directly to assisting someone with permanent housing needs and the funds eventually get paid back into the community by the homeowner.

Bikeman Staff helped me obtain a great stead for the ride. We chose a Kona Wheelhouse steel bike, with a carbon fork, and managed to put a SunRace CSMX3 10sp, 11-40t - Black Chrome cassette, , on it that worked wonderful on long 10 to 15% grades. On many occasions I managed to ride with the Carbon Frame folks, and on long downhill’s at 45 mph or better, it was extremely stable. It came with a great set of Schwalbe Spicer K-Guard 700x30c tires that worked well until a glass cut destroyed the rear one. I put on a Continental Gatorskin 700x32 Folding Bead, that I brought as a spare on the rear and I was very please at the ride quality.

Video Links: If you want to get an idea of what the riding with FCBA is like and an idea or what local build effort have been like this year the following are video links: there will be more to follow as the team completes the ride to the east coast by early August.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LtYKVfVswE
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElujVrt922o
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVbQzhyYUtc
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MjID68NCl0
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHJVXCTN3Dw

My Facebook page: With some help from my friends we created a facebook page for this year’s ride that I am planning to figure out how to maintain.  , I also have a facebook page.wiliam.turner.58

Below is an excerpt from a post on the Faces of FCBA: “Riding through Colorado is a real interesting experience for me because mountains have always been my playground … where I go for peace and solitude and to enjoy God’s creation. Now riding through all that instead of walking through all that... although I don’t have the peace and solitude of being on a trail on a mountain at 10,000 feet, I have the incredible experience of seeing all of it unfold in a joyous manner with cars going by that I can ignore, especially when they aren’t trucks. It’s a [very] different juxtaposition of enjoying Creation from a totally different perspective on a bicycle vs. walking at 10,000 feet. Usually when I’m at 10,000 feet on a mountain on the continental divide, I’m with four of my best lifelong friends: ex-Yellowstone rangers, ex-Mckinley rangers that I’ve hiked with for ten years. Here I’m with a whole new group of people that I’ve know for three weeks but the intensity of those friendships is a wonderful, wonderful experience. And the teamwork, today, to get through the wind that we were in was wonderful. We basically took turns pulling and breaking the wind for each other. You can’t ask for much better.” —William (Bill) Turner

Link to cross-country blog:

I did another blog post after completing a 100 mile day.

Closing Comment: For anyone who likes to cycle and is interested in a segment closer to where you live, or a lengthy cross country trip, and wants someone to lug your stuff in a sag wagon, the bike adventure would likely prove to be a wonderful opportunity that you will treasure.

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