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Matt’s Cross Weekend

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

ImageThe course was short, and pretty much dry (with the exception of 1 short mud bog), not very technical, kind of a big road crit through a field. Al went gorilla on the first lap and broke his chain. There were a couple of crashes on the first lap that Ryan and I managed to get around. It was pretty uneventful for me; I settled into 9th place and just put in some hard training miles. Rumsey was up in 7th doing the same I think. Jesse Anthony lapped me with 2 laps to go, I was hoping to ride his wheel and learn a few things, but he was just cruising along. Did I mention that it was a beautiful 60-degree day? There were a bunch of other Bikeman folks there too - Anders and Erik were riding 5th and 6th in the B race last I saw. Callie was there too. ImageBrockton was another low-key race. A first time event for this promoter. It was held in a huge, long park that actually had a lot of potential for future races. They did a combined a/b category, which was cool until Mark McCormack showed up. Yeah, me and Mark and Paul Curley. I got lucky and was on McCormack's wheel for most of the first lap. He is certainly the "grand patron" of the New England cross scene. When part of the course went through a long, flowing section of rocky mountain-bikey single-track McCormack advised everyone to "go easy and give each other space". Everyone obliged, and we all made it through the first lap together, until Curley and McCormack blew each other apart on the half-mile road section that was the end of every lap. Once again, a fast crit and a short lap. Not exactly my kind of course. By the time McCormack lapped me I had certainly learned a few things about road racing and drafting. In the end - 8th place, and cash. Another beautiful fall day in New England.

Matt Hersey

Photos Courtesy: Paul Weiss Photo Video & Joshua Bardige
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