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Silvermine TT

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Stony Point, NY

August 1st

Years ago I bought some TT bars and did a 3 day road stage race. As I am rather big (200 lbs), I did not fare very well on the hills. I did OK in the TT. These days I have “upgraded” the TT bars with actual shifters such that I can do my basement workouts in many different positions. I finished watching the Tour de France and I have to admit I like the TT, who doesn't like watching man and machine? Since I am the nerdy kind who likes looking at numbers, I figured the Silvermine TT was close enough that I should do it.

The 13.5 mile course is located in Stony Point NY in Harriman Park and consists of a a hill and some rollers. Not knowing how hard to go, I crunched some numbers and figured I could do FTP+15%. I warmed up like I would for a cross race and felt like that was OK- there was nothing to lose since this would be race 3 of 4 in just 8 days (Sunday would be a 2hr MTB race).

The start was interesting, a guy held my seat and I felt like I was leaning and close to falling. The buzzer went and off I went. My former teammate had warned me not to go too hard for the first 3 miles since it was all uphill and easy to blow up on. As I started, all the adrenaline pushed that knowledge out. How could it not? The guy in front of me was 30 seconds ahead and I could see him! Within 5 minutes I passed 2 competitors since I was going 2xFTP up the hill. Uh oh, should I have listened?

I went through the first traffic circle and was passed by one guy and after another 2 miles by another, both rocking disc wheels, aero helmets, etc... At this point the course was rolling down and I was flying (at least it felt like it). At the turnaround there were two cars on my side of the road, stopped, and I had to pass them to turn around. I quickly figured what was going on; a rider down at the turn and and officer was with him.

All that was left is going back! Right... It felt like everything was uphill, Mt. Everest style... I knew that as soon as I reached the last traffic circle, it would soon be 3 miles down! I kept looking at my power and kept pushing and I came in middle of the pack, riding at exactly FTP+15%, still 3 minutes from the winner in 8th place. I felt spent, but was very happy with the result. I think I was the only guy with a normal helmet, without booties, or a full TT bike, perhaps something for my Christmas wishlist?

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