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Honey Tour of Burleson

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Burleson, TX

May 23rd, 2015

My fourth stop on the North Texas T-shirts circuit took me to Burleson, Texas to try my luck at the Honey Tour. This ride is a promotional ride for the honey industry in the Burleson area and is also a fundraiser to help supply bikes and helmets to the elementary school kids in the area. I signed up to ride the 67 mile route with my with my good buddy Ben and when I ride with Ben, it is more about enjoying the ride and the event than time, speed or distance. There had been heavy rains in the area just a day or two before the ride and thunderstorms were in the forecast again for the day of the ride.

Ben and I met at Centennial High School and staged for the start. This start was a little different than most because they had us two or three abreast on the side of the road and strung out for quite aways. When it was time to go there was more stopping and starting then what I am used to. This was not an issue for me at this ride, but if this was a ride I had chosen to test myself on, I would have been disappointed. We finally got rolling on the open road and made good time getting to the first rest area. We stopped for some refreshments and I had my usual cookies and pickle juice. I love to watch people watch me as slam shots of pickle juice and munch on chocolate chip cookies. After the refreshments we met one of our coworkers riding this ride. I did not know he was a bike rider so it was good to expand the circle just a little bit more.

We were on the road again for the second leg of the ride. This leg took us thru the town of Alvardo. There was a short section of road in town that had the manhole covers pushed up several inches. The folks putting on the ride did a good job of getting some bright paint on these hazards and they had a course marshal in the road standing on top of the first one to bring your attention to the hazard. We skipped the second rest stop and kept riding to the third. This section of the route had been hit hard by the rains a few days earlier. You could tell by the debris in the trees on the side of the road and by the way the grass was bent over in the fields that several feet of water had covered sections of this road just a day or two earlier.

The next rest stop is one that will stick in my mind for a long time. I can't imagine that this spot was their first choice, but with the floods it might have been their only option to put it in front of an old cemetery. As we approached, there was a dog in the road just barking and barking towards the cemetery rest stop. The dog had no interest in leaving the road and going towards whatever it was barking at. It just stayed in the road facing the rest stop and barked. We got off our bikes and made our way to the cookies and pickle juice again only to find that the whole area was a soggy mess. We grabbed our refreshments and left in a bit of a hurry. The rest of the trip was spent watching the skies for thunderstorms and enjoying the vistas.

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