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Team Bikeman - Race Reports


Crosswinds Equestrian Center. Lagrangeville, NY

About a month ago a friend asked me if I was available on August 9th to join his wife’s team in a Trihoofalon. A what? Very simple, he told me: run, bike, horse jump….so my next question was how do you do the transition? The runner tags the biker, the biker smacks the rear of the horse…eh no I was obviously so wrong, the runner tags the biker at the transition but the horse jump time is set after the intermediate results are calculated, in the order of last to first place. Since my weekend was wide open I was in! Not sure this is part of the Bikeman.com racer agreement but some publicity cannot hurt! Also the TriHoofAlon is an event that benefits the Paul Newman Serious Fun Children’s Network so that is another good reason to race.

The run was 5k, out and back. The bike ride, my part since I run like a penguin, was an 8.5 mile hilly, technical course that I am familiar with. The horse jump consisted of 12 jumps at 3ft height. Since I just did a TT and seem to be getting a bug here, I was wondering if I needed a TT bike or if that would be overkill? Well I received a call the night before that I was part of the Gym Super Hero team and that I was supposed to be dressed in gym shorts and matching sweat bands! OK no aero Bikeman.com skinsuit, my apparel today would include parachute pants. On race day I met up with my teammates, Janelle (runner) and Mikki (pro horse jumper) and received my hugely oversized shorts that matched the Bikeman kit. I noticed that other teams had TT bikes and I was getting nervous since Mikki wanted to win. Janelle was called up to replace a Boston marathon runner, who cancelled the night before, and she did awesome arriving middle of the pack, she actually surprised me since I was chatting with a friend and was barely ready to roll. I went out very hard and picked off person after person, leaving only one person on the road who had started the TT first. He immediately came to me to congratulate me…he told me I had won the bike ride and ended up beating number 2 by 2:05! Sweet deal….especially since I also recorded my best 20 min wattage of the season and even bumped my CP a bit.

After some calculations, it seemed we were in 1st place, but that dream quickly evaporated since they had missed a team, perhaps the keg that had been opened at 10am had something to do with it, and so we dropped to 2nd place. It was now up to our pro jumper Mikki (no pressure) to seal our overall podium spot and perhaps even jump to the top spot. She did phenomenally and was the fastest through all the jumps, making no mistakes. We had 2 top spots on the podium and were unsure about the overall. Unfortunately for us the other team had two second place finishes and a win and we had two first place finishes and a fourth place, so we came in second overall.

I am glad they invited me since I had a blast…

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