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Orchard Cross - Applecrest Farm

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Crossresults.com claims John Sumner is not a strong rider in the greasy wet conditions. I set out down I-95 South to Orchardcross at Applecrest Farm to prove them wrong. After a soggy car ride, I was certain I would find the course to be a mess. Upon arrival, and on my warm up laps, no grease, no mud and the rain faded away.

By race time, it was in the high 50's and no longer raining. I had a good start and was in the top 20 for about 2ish laps. Slowly the course deteriorated and became pretty greasy.

The course layout was different than years past, including a pump track and counterclockwise rotation around the apple orchard. To me, it seemed less technical.

After the second low barrier run up on lap 2, I went hard into the sharp left-hand turn, slid out and landed on my left shoulder and rib cage. One burst of energy in the wrong spot cost me a solid 25 positions. A bit stunned, I climbed back on my bike and on to the finish. The shoulder pain joined me on the almost sunny ride back home.

Crossresults.com was right about my ability in the grease, but I had fun. My washer and dryer had their work cut out cleaning my summer weight white jersey! As for the pain, two weeks later it is all but gone!

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