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Cheshire Cross 2016

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but here in the northeast we have been pretty lucky with the weather. The only exception being the conditions at KMC Crossfest; wet, raw, and muddy. Solid cross weather in my opinion.

Once again, Mother Nature provided us with perfect temps and conditions for Cheshire CX which is part of the Connecticut CX series. The "fun" factor for this course is at a 10. Quick laps, punchy climbs, fast short descents, topped with rim denting rocks, and the infamous "heckler hill." "Heckler hill" is famous for its hand ups and costume wearing spectators armed with blow horns, drums, and boom boxes.

The one other time I raced Cheshire I dealt with mechanical issues, so this year I went in seeking a little redemption. I had a good start, settled right into cruise control with a small group and at about the end of the second lap, the wheels came out from underneath me. There's maybe two percent of pavement on this course, I happened to have found it. It shows itself after a quick little descent out of the woods. Maybe I was too close to the rider in front of me. I'm not actually sure what lead to me going from staying upright to laying on my back with road rash up and down my right side. I got up, assessed myself and bike. Everything seemed ok; bars and levers were twisted, fixed those. Thought about calling it after watching everyone pass by but decided to press on and have some fun and to take my mind off some of the pain. The rest of the race went alright. Ended making up some time and passing several riders and I may have taken a couple hand ups and dollar bills up "heckler hill."

Finished off the day in 10th in Pro 1-3. I suppose things could have been worse, maybe it's a Halloween curse. So, what could possibly go wrong next year?

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