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Bethlehem Cup, NYCROSS #4. Delmar, NY

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

In the past,  Bethlehem Cup was the last race of the NYCROSS series, but this time it was the second to last. I like this course because it is a very fast course, it has a long and steep run up into the woods, and a steep but rideable grass climb. 2 logs that can be ridden over instead of barriers and the lack of sand pit makes me like the course even more. Also, it is just a 20 min drive for me, which is way more appealing than driving 3-4 hours for a 45 min race.

Mid 40’s and an almost clear sky made it a perfect day to race cross. I always think that if you need a water hand out, you should be racing your MTB or your road bike instead. I’m pretty sure you have heard about not messing with your bike the day before the race? But what about putting together both of your cross bikes in the morning a few hours before your race? I guess that is OK since that is what I did and surprisingly,  I didn’t have a single issue. That obviously means my warm up was all the cross specific training I did before this race.

For the first time ever, I raced the 35+ field and we started together with the 45+ and the 55+. The start was not too fast but the pace picked up pretty quickly and I missed the lead group.  I did try to close the gap by working with some other guys but we just didn’t have the fire power to do it. So we just kept it smooth and kept racing for the remaining of the laps. At the end I finished in 5/9 but more important than that, it was a lot of fun!

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