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Chainbuster Series - Green Gobbler

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

It's January!! That means the start to the Southern Endurance Series (mtb) here in Georgia and cold weather. Well, at least for us folks whose blood has thinned from too many years enduring the sweltering heat of the South. So for you northerners, just bare with me. It was "cold".

The first race is always interesting. It's when you finally understand if over the Winter you sat on the couch more than the other guys. I don't remember seeing the couch much this Winter so I felt fairly decent about myself, even if always a little unsure. So, I lined up amongst old friends - and some strangers - just as we bolted for the woods at the siren.

Everyone was so excited they apparently wanted to be at the front on the open dirt road knowing we had a headwind. I tucked myself in the draft about 10 back and put my feet up. 25 yards from the woods I darted out and moved into 4th position overall.

The trail was dry and a little slick with pine needles but boy was it fast. I stayed with the front 3 for a bit eventually deciding I would settle in and race my race. No one behind me now so I knew I just needed to keep my pace up. And this was basically the story of the day. Go hard. Go my pace. That landed me in 2nd place with 35 miles and 4 laps. After seeing the winning time I knew I made the right choice. The guy in my category - in that group - had 2 minutes less per lap. I'll take a good second place for the first race of the season every season!

Overall, it was a great day. The Conyers venue is a great place to race. Chainbuster does an awesome job of making it run smoothly and set us up with a fun fast trail. It may not be my number one single track choice in GA but it is definitely worth trying it out if you are ever in the area.

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