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The View from the Back

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Sugarloaf Fat Tire race Feb 11, 2017

The temperature was close to brutal, my Garmin avg temp recorded during the race was -2F (-19C). The course @ the xc ski center was groomed well with mostly rolling climbs, hike-a-bike and some single track just before the finish line.

I raced the two lap event while the A team did four. Race officials did note that if they started noticing white faces their race would be cut to to three laps.

At my start line, no-one wanted to go first and every one had a good laugh about that before the gun.

The first hike-a-bike section came pretty quickly, well before 1/2 mile mark and well before I was warmed up. I did manage to jog that section. I went from 12mph to 2.5. One foot turned into a club tromping through the snow but I knew i would be able to feel it again once on the bike.

About 2 miles in there was a short 6% climb to warm up on, the down hill following was fast and fun. Who is that guy always making gigantic ruts in the middle of the trail ? I rounded one corner too hot and made snow angels. I figured that would provide great entertainment for the 4 lap guys.

Forrest, You can make fun of my egg beaters all you want, but not once did they fail to clip in with a shoe full of snow.

Just before the finish / lap is single track. This was mostly rideable for me and the last section has a fun downhill rear tire slide before the pace picks up through trees.

Second lap just after 4 miles ! I marveled at my snow angel on the second pass of the downhill section, that was a deep digger.

The second pass of the single track, I think is called Root Ball on Strava, was seriously degraded and I ended up walking a bunch this time.I was passed by a lot of people jogging. I should have jogged it. Next time.

I debated my water strategy on this race and decided to not deal with water, it was a short race anyhow. It was a good decision. At the finish, water bottles were completely frozen solid. However the hot water available to drink at the finish line was excellent.

I finished and I was not last.

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