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Charge Pond Criterium Series

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

With Diane Fortini as the USCF official, and good course marshaling and marking, it made for a good day of road racing and training on this gray, blustery March afternoon.

ImageThe course is at Miles Standish park, right on the begining of Cape Cod, which is the same place they hold the Adelphia GP later in the spring. Bascially it's racing on park access roads, which are closed off so you run the whole road, which is really nice. I don't think you could race here with a yellow line rule. It's pretty fast all around, a few small climbs, and only one hard corner...the rest is pretty much circular. The big gossip was that the previous week, Mark McCormack got beat in the sprint by an unknown in the A race, which is quite shocking.

As a cat. 4, I had the option of either racing in the A or B race, so I chose option "C" and entered both.

In the B race, we did around 20 miles, and I felt pretty good all around, was in a small break for a few minutes, but mostly just rode in the pack. I finished in 5th place, and was feeling really good in the sprint, but didn't want to blow myself out too bad, as I had another race in 10 minutes. I was impressed that there was only 1 crash, and not too much sketchiness, except for the field sprint whch blew through some lapped riders.

ImageThe A race was a fun and fast 25 miles. I think our average speed was around 30 mph, and my max speed was like 37. This was definately where you could practice your race tactics and get some early-season rolling speed. There were lots of break attempts, one of which stuck, as Jonny Bold and 2 other riders took off, never to be seen again. I'm not too sure, but I heard Bold won.

I felt pretty good, despite having the lack of foresight to bring something to eat between races, so I was pretty much out of gas on the last laps, but I managed to crack the top 10 in the field sprint. A good day of training indeed.

When I finally left in my car, the desperate search for the golden arches was under way. I promptly downed 4 cheeseburgers in about 2 minutes!

Steve Morse
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