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Tex & Matt’s Spring Campaign

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

ImageWe stayed up to late and had a few too many "adult beverages." We woke to a beautiful day on Saturday for the race. The DH was a 2 run combined format. I came in 4th in Expert Men 40-44 and Matt finished 1st in Beginner Men 25-29. I was pleased with my finish, I had just got over bronchitis. I was proud of Matt with his finish, he will be good at this. I tell him he needs to move up and quit sandbagging. Sunday morning Matt raced the XC he finished in 3rd place, we headed home to prepare for the next weekend.

ImageOn the road to Las Vegas for a land surveying convention, you know work related, just so happens there is a race on Sunday. It was part of the Desert Sol Cup series. It was held at Red Rock Canyon about 15 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The course consisted of a 10 mile loop which was mostly single track. It was nice to race a Single-Speed race that I did not have to take my bike for a walk on. I finished 1st out of well..one. But hey all the other single-speed guys raced Expert, I was not about to race against them. I told the promoter I would throw an ugly tantrum if I had to race with them, hell I had to do two laps that killed me. It's lonely out there in the desert when it's just you and bikey. Matt raced the XC and finished 3rd, he only did one lap, what a loser. We also trekked out to Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City near Hoover Dam. We rode a couple of the downhill trails. That is using "rode" very loosely. I considered myself a decent to good downhiller. That opinion has changed after doing my best impression of Superman, flying through the air, only to land flat on my face and chest. Thank goodness I had a full face helmet on. Guess I need to practice more. Bootleg Canyon is quite the place though; Matt has ridden the XC trails there and gives them the thumbs up.

ImageI had some time to recuperate before going to a race at Castaic Lake. It is only about 30 minutes from my house. I have raced there several times but only downhill. I have ridden some of the XC trails but never raced them. Now I know why. The course is a 7 mile lap with 1800 feet of climbing per lap. I have to do 2 laps. I raced in sport single-speed, 6 guys and a girl. Now here I am at the start thinking. great not only do I get spanked by all the guys now a girl. Oh well we are here to have fun right? I got a 15 minute head start on Matt and a little longer on another friend. It took Matt about an hour to catch me and the other guy did not catch me till the second lap. I was happy to have someone to talk to. This course is a killer, hell people with gears are walking, and this makes me feel better. By the end though my feet are killing me, Sidis are not made for walking. I must have walked 1/3 of the course. Doesn't the old saying go "Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". I hate that saying now.

After the weekend at Castaic my wife was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She is pretty devastated. I am trying my best at moral and physical support. I am taking it easy right now to help her and stay around home. I am preparing for The Downieville Classic in late July, I hope she feels better by then she loves to do this one race every year. They call it "the Ironman of Downhills". It is 16 miles long with 5000 feet of descending and 500 feet of climbing, mostly single-track. My best time is 56 minutes; her's is an hour and nine minutes. This year I am also doing the XC, on my good old Surly 1x1, a 29 mile point to point with 5000 feet of climbing. My wife and friends think I am nuts ( I am beginning to think they are right). Check it out at www.downievilleclassic.com.

Happy Trails,


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