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Bonelli Park

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

So I called Team Big Bear the next day and the nice girl says NORBA does not recognize that class anymore. I said something like “(insert expletive) NORBA”. She said I was not the first to say something like that. She said they did not have that big of a turnout last year in that class. I think Team Big Bear had a total of 35 single speeders last year, way more than Tandems. Maybe in the rest of the country there are not many but here we have an abundance of single speeders. So we devised a plan, being the crafty fellows we were. We were going to race our single speeds in the XC anyway. Brilliant!!!! Well I guess all the complaining paid off and NORBA reinstated the class. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

ImageFast forward to Sunday morning. The weather forecast was for rain the days before. It never materialized. So I was driving on LA’s freeway system to the race, early Sunday morning. It was beautiful, no cars, the hills are green (we have had a lot of rain this month). Life was good. We all met for breakfast at my home away from home, The Taste of Texas, one of my favorite restaurants. We chowed down on various breakfast tacos and soda. Breakfast of champions.

ImageWe got to the race. Matt Steven’s folks had kindly saved a place for us to park. We registered and got ready. I am on my Surly 1x1, Matt has his new Salsa Juan Solo and Andy borrowed a Gary Fisher Rig. Matt and Andy had never raced single speed. I use the term race loosely. One of my good friends came along also. I decided to race with flat pedals and my red Converse; I would be walking a lot. We made a pact “no racer will be left behind”. We would stick together. This worked out nicely. Matt flats, we waited. Matt took a header in a mudhole. We laughed and took pictures. The people racing could not believe us. How could anybody make a mockery of a race? It is a fun course with a lot of up and down, no sustained climbs; laps are 9 miles with 1500’ of climbing. We had to do 2 laps. We stuck together and had a good ole time. We got to the end and they were yelling at us to get off the course. We informed them we were racing. They did not believe us. We went through the finish. No fanfare here. We started walking to our cars and a girl from Team Big Bear came running up the hill apologizing and took down our numbers.

ImageI have not seen any results yet. I think we got 4th, 5th and 6th. I can say that our equipment from Salsa, Surly, Lazer and Gary Fisher worked flawlessly. Then again what can go wrong with single speed bikes and a helmet.

Next weekend is the 24 Hours of Idyllwild. Talk to y’all next week.






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