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24 Hours of Temecula

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

This was the fourth year running that we Utah Bikeman boys have sent a team to Temecula. Each time, Temecula has had something new in store for us. In 2003, it was perfect, stereotypical, gorgeous So Cal weather, to sucker us in ya know, set the hook! In 2004 it was extreme heat, 95+ for crying out loud. A whole jug of Perpetuem worth of heat. In 2005, it was cool and damp, setting the stage for 2006 I suppose. In 2006, it was all about RAIN - heavy at times, but thankfully only from sundown to sunrise, you know, when it was the most miserable anyways. Didn’t scare us though, we’re Bikemen. Our Bikeman brothers in New England routinely race in this crap. So we just slathered on the Slick Willy and splashed off into the dark.

This year we were forced into a name change. The racers formerly know as Bikeman.com had become Bikeman.com – Supersized! Why the change? It’s a matter of girth, really. We were forced to trade in one of our old but skinny guys, Dave, for a younger, larger, mountain of a man, Michael. This bumped us out of the veteran category, but where would we land? We were all flirting with post-holiday Clydesdale bodies so what the heck, “Let’s do it” we exclaimed, as we passed around a box of Crispy Crèmes. This meant that Vince and I especially had to train, and I use the word “train” lightly, in a much different and less conventional way that we were used to. We super-sized our Big Mac meals, nearly ran the Chuck-o-rama out of business, and we avoided prolonged exercise like the plague. Imagine our dismay when we later made the tough decision to, at the last minute, abandon the “Clydesdale Category of one” in order to be able to race with a purpose, to have someone to race against. That landed us squarely in the largest category of them all, “Sport”. Dang were we ever behind the eight ball. We quickly traded in our milkshakes for protein shakes and our ice cream for chamois cream and went to work.

In the end, we did quite well, finishing 8th overall and 4th in our category, narrowly losing out on a podium spot by just 4 minutes. Down by nearly an hour after our ill-fated double night lap experiment, we charged hard but came up a bit short.

On a side note: Once again the Bikeman name was recognized on the West Coast as I fielded questions on everything from “How the heck did you hook up with Bikeman anyways?” to “Tell me about the Carver 96’er… have you ridden one?” It is truly awesome to be a part of such a great team! Big thanks to the Bikeman.com staff and all of our great sponsors!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have carrot to eat and a few hundred miles to ride!

Troy Nye

ImageMichael gets thrown into the fire. We voted for him to do the LeMans style start. Like any respectable organization, in the Utah Chapter senior members get 10 votes each while new members get but one. Michael would prove to be a very capable runner however. Quickly on the bike, here he leads the eventual winner up the first climb of the course. Great Job Mike! You are now our official starter!

ImageCory knows a photo op when he sees one. Here he puts on a big-ol-cheesy for the camera, proving that the first lap is far more enjoyable when it is nearly over.

ImageVinnie is bringing home his first lap and the teams third. Look at the gritty, determined look on his face. No really, look at it! I’m talking to you Cory; this is how it’s done!

ImageHere’s Troy powering to his best all-time lap ever at Temecula (53.40). Good enough for the 9th fastest lap and the 4th fastest racer in the entire sport division.

ImageCory dug deep and poured it on hard for his sixth and final lap. Down by 14 minutes to start the lap, he cranked out an amazing sub-hour lap and took 10 minutes out of the 3rd place team. Well done Cory!
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