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SKU: WIND-FWENO23 Product qualifies for Free Shipping White Industries ENO Freewheel, 23t

Purchase White Industries ENO Freewheel, 23t
  • SKU: WIND-FWENO23 White Industries ENO Freewheel, 23t

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Finally a freewheel for your single speed rig that will outlast your knees. Made in the USA including a 36 tooth ratchet, 3 pawls, sealed cartridge bearing and O-ring seals. Available in 16 to 23 teeth in single tooth increments. The ENO was developed to address the problems that has plagued Single Speed/BMX users. Bearing problems, tooth configurations and engagement problems were issues we concentrated on in developing the ENO.

The hassle of loose balls verses the simplicity of sealed cartridge bearings made our first solution an easy one. The freewheel was designed around the sealed cartridge bearing. The bearing is a press fit bearing so when it does wear the rider simply pulls out the old bearing and presses in the new. There are no balls to count and keep track of, no crawling around the shop floor looking for the 95th elusive bearing that flew across the room and rolled under the refrigerator. It is clean and simple.

The second complaint that was commonly voiced was that of the tooth configurations available to freewheel riders. Why should the sizes be limited? Different riding conditions, different gearing ratios, different riding styles needed to be addressed. We decided that to offer our freewheels in sizes 16t - 23t in one tooth increments made the most sense. You shouldn't have to compromise when you only have one gear and two legs to accomplish the job.

Lastly, freewheel engagement was addressed. You need quick engagement. Our ratcheting mechanism has 36 teeth in which 3 pawls engage. Another leading brand has 20 teeth and two pawls... you do the math!

  • 16 Tooth Cog Uses a Blue Dust Cover, Not Red As Pictured
  • Stainless: 177 grams
Manufacturer  White Industries
Manufacturer Part Number  WIND-FWENO23
Model  White Industries ENO
Usually Ships in 2-3 Days
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