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Anders Larson, Portland, ME

by Bikeman • January 01, 2020

2023 RACING AGE: 59


WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Sanford Junior High School

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S): Expert Mountain Bike (cat 1 USA Cycling MTB) and Masters Cyclocross Cat 3.


# OF BIKES OWNED: Kona Privateer, Kona Roadhouse, Kona Hei Hei, Kona Minuit, and a Carver Beast O' the East fatbike.

FAVORITE BIKE: My Kona Privateer is just a great bike for racing and bombing around. It's also a screaming deal. I love my Process - it’s a great trail bike that I can also race.

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: My regular ride from home is the Presumpscot River trails and other areas in Portland. I really like riding the trail networks in Gorham. They have done an exceptional job getting access to lands and building flowy trails. Bradbury State Park has some good riding, and Falmouth is really expanding and has incredible variety.

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES: I love guitars and all things guitars. I've been building electric kits and find it a nice way to be creative. If you are in the Portland area and Jeezum Crow are playing, come check us out. We're mostly old people who like to play what many call 'Americana'. Sort of a rock, country, blues, folksy mix of stuff.

I have dialed back my racing career. Health issues around my body slowly breaking down after nearly 30 years of competing mean I'm joining the "B" team. I still want to compete, but it's just not going to be at the level I've been at in the past.

Do you have a passion for racing bikes? Want to be part of the Bikeman team? Contact Alan our Team Manager for details.

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