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Bear Brook - Race #1 Bubba Trophy

by John Sumner • May 20, 2019

This was a great course, so fun!!

All I knew going into this race was there is a podcast called Bear Brook and it related to terrible events that occurred at this location. Bear Brook is a fast, fun flowing course with some climbing. A few technical bits but nothing brutal. This was my first race of the 2019 season. Two laps and 22 miles later I found myself in 8/30. I was satisfied with my result. There is a 4-hour race and it was nice to see Bikeman represent on the podium! My Kona Heihei was a perfect choice for this course, the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs handled well and my new Verge kit felt great!

I will be back next year and have no idea what reality I'm facing at Secret Squirrel next Sunday!

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