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Bearpen Fatbike Festival

by Rob Price • March 14, 2021

Prattsville, NY
4 laps = 11 miles, 2,000 vert
33 degrees @ start dropping to 28/ finish.
Variable snow- slushy granular to grippy firm/fast, ruts, and a few muddy sections. 1" fresh snow.

Home to the first ski resort in the Catskills, Bearpen mtn has some history. Now family owned/operated by it's a destination for xc skiing, tubing, fatbike, snowshoeing, etc. with rentals of each available.

Conditions were better than I expected after an unseasonably warm week. The weather was another story- howling winds, drifting snow, and flat light at times. The race course was mainly set on groomed snow trails, but to sum all it up- climb, descend, repeat.

We were set off in 3 waves, 10 riders at a time, 2 minutes apart, I had the advantage of starting last. There's something to be said about the motivation you get chasing riders you can see in front of you. Running low psi was crucial, the course deteriorated each lap with ruts growing larger. I eventually worked my way to the front passing the leader on the last lap.

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