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Calimesa CX Classic

by Roger Jorgensen • October 22, 2018

Southern California Cross Prestige Series opener. Calimesa somewhere between Yucaipa and Beaumont in the shadow of San Gorgonio Mountain at 11,489 feet, is a blend of rugged peaks and rolling terrain. An abandoned golf course offered wonderful opportunities and amenities for the eight waves of racers. The long valley was a struggle up and a flowy, fun descent. All the elements: barriers, couple of 'real' sand traps, wooden stair run-up that turned into a deteriorating earth embankment, a few punch climbs made for fun racing. The mid-day kiddy and doggie short course is always a fun event. I am glad to have aged out of a large wave of 55 plus racers. My new best buddies of those born before 1953 keep me focused.

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