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Deer Farm Cross and King Pine Cross

by John Sumner • October 02, 2018

This has become an annual ritual.

Deer Farm Cross takes place on a Deer farm. The course weaves through pasture land and some forest. The course is a bit bumpy but fast and not technical. There is a steep ride up and a long muddy section you have to run through then shortly thereafter, barriers. The entry fee includes venison chili which is excellent!

I did not get lapped or come in last at Deer Farm Cross, the first race of season goal met!

King Pine Cross takes place at a ski area and offers a bit more climbing, is very fast and windy through the grassy field in front of the ski trails. The steep off-camber winding section parallel to the ski slope is fun to ride. No barriers, one rock wall to ride over and a sandy 180-degree turn. Fast fun!

At King Pine, pre-race I felt strong. Twenty seconds into the race, I caught the red Sram course tape with my handlebars and hit the deck. I had been forced into the tape as the gravel road funneled from four wide to two. For the remainder of the race, (derailleur hanger bent) my bike tried to suck my chain into the rear wheel when shifting to the granny gear. I still passed people despite long stops to fix my chain. I made it halfway through the race before bowing out. This course suited me and I believe I could have done quite well.

My brand new Schwalbe X-one tubeless clinchers are amazing! The best gripping and rolling CX tires I have EVER used.

Anyway, it was internally amusing listening to the guy who landed on my back post-crash, my young children act more mature when at their very worst.

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