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Final de Barro 2024

by Anders Larson • May 15, 2024

Glad to say that the Final de Barro race down in Westwood, MA, is in the bag. Great conditions, race prep went well, legs felt pretty good. First 2 of 4 laps went really well, then on the third lap my front end started to get squirrely and I realized I had a slow leak. I pulled over and did 50 or so pumps from my somewhat pathetic pump and soldiered on. About 10 minutes later I had to do it again. Second time the sealant took and I was able to finish the 4 laps. It's rough being 60 in the 40+ expert class - all those young folks with their young legs. I wound up 16 out of 21, but I probably would have been about 14th had I not flatted. Good to be able to push it for 1:40 minutes and feel like I was actually riding in control rather than just flailing around on the bike. My Kona Hei Hei continues to do its job. I really appreciate having the 2 water bottle cages in the frame (though I only used one bottle in this race as it was pretty chilly). My next race is June 15th in Farmington - great course at Titcomb Mountain. I hope to get some more high intensity training into the old legs before then. MTB season has begun!

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