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Fruitlands Cup of Cyclocross - Harvard, MA

by Matthew Hersey • November 01, 2019

This race course is a bit different. It is situated on open, hay field of a meadow, and requires a lot of power to deal with elevation changes. The whole course transverses a slope that is set on a high ridge. The views are great - especially in the colorful fall, but the racing is brutal.

In fact, at the end of the men's 2/3/4 race, the first few racers all dropped to their hands and knees and were writhing on the ground. I have never seen that at a cross race before. I've seen people shake their heads and curse after a cross race, but always on their feet. This course caused these guys to destroy themselves and hyperventilate.

I did the 40+ race and I felt fast. I was standing up and sprinting out of corners and choosing good lines on the downhill switchbacks. Unfortunately, 75% of the other guys were faster. I left my tubular wheels in the pit and raced on tubeless. Big Al will probably shake his head, but they worked great! The Kona Super Jake was flawless as always.

The fruitlands race also has things to keep families and spectators busy. It is a historical property and was once home to a Utopian society. There is a small art museum and snacks. Also, you can see the former home of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women.

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