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Fund Riding in the Tetons

by Bill Turner • August 24, 2021

Today I had the opportunity to do a 20 mile circuit ride with the Tetons very nearby. I have been here before, riding on Grand Teton National Park roads with Kirk Turner on road bikes maybe twelve? years ago, back when we use to train for NORBA national races. National Park roads are not be best place to ride, despite the beauty, too many wide campers and almost no shoulder in most parks. Today I chose to do a loop ride on a well posted 'share the road' loop that goes through Kelly, the town that was wiped out after a landslide blocked the river, and then the water broke through the earth and rock dam.

I started near Antelope Flat and headed clockwise toward Kelly and Gross Ventre Campground to put the wind at my back heading North on the bike trail that runs North beside the main road with about a 100 foot space between the trail and cars. The bike path exists in part because a very generous person lost a daughter to a bike accident on the roads several years ago.

I am traveling this summer hiking, backpacking, and riding to fund-raise for the Fuller Center for Housing. I have with me not a road bike or a suspension Mountain bike, the bike would best be described as a gravel bike created with a 30 year old rigid mountain bike with three chain rings up front and a seven speed cassette. Why? Because it was sitting in my garage with a good drivetrain, and with wide (2.25) Crosstract tires with a smooth center rib so I can ride on blacktop or dirt. No, this is not a race bike. I have equipped it with a usb rechargeable flashing light up front and two in the rear and a small back up battery units for both locations for late in the day rides. After riding across the USA with Fuller in 2018 I do not ride on roads without flashing lights up front and in the rear and a good mirror. I am sure Bath Bike and Ski could assemble any combination of bike your desire.

After driving through Yellowstone in the rain this AM at 46 deg. F, Finding the sun mostly out and 61 deg. In the Tetons was a wish come true. I saw many e bikes on the bike trail today, possibly rentals from Jackson and a great way to get new folks on a bicycle. With the three chain rings up front currently I can handle most any hill at 71 years of age. Perhaps at 91 the e bike might be of more interest to me.

Where I was backpacking at 12,000 feet plus in the Shashone Wilderness and on Franc peak at 13,185 feet last week the area is now buried in a foot of snow. Which is why the Grand Teton is very magnificently freshly snow-capped in today's photos. If you are interested, you can find my fundraising information for Fuller at: I am now working on raising $5,000 for a replacement home in Haiti. I have $3,400 left to raise to meet the goal. All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading. Hope your enjoyed the photos. Happy Riding!

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