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Great Glen Trails Kona Summer Race Series

by Dennis Morgan • August 07, 2020

This race series is one of the few that seem to be happening this summer. It's a weekly series run for 8 weeks at the base of the Mt Washington Auto Road. The views are hard to beat and the weather is unpredictable at best. The race is run as a time trial which works well for these days of social distancing. We are just half way through the race series finishing week 5 on Tuesday. This was a crazy week with hurricane Isaias hitting the area. Even starting before 4pm it was dark, had been raining on and off all day and you could feel the big storm coming. We have been racing this summer as a family, my wife and both sons. Its been a lot of fun but Tuesday was a sloppy one for sure. As we got ready to warm up the skies completely opened up and the torrential rain started to fall. We cut our warmup lap short hoping the sooner we started racing the better the course would be. As it turned out, the single-track in the woods was quickly deteriorating, some puddles, running water and lots of wet roots and rocks. The carriage roads were basically like riding on a few inches of crunchy peanut butter. This made for a slow and sketchy ride at speed. We all stayed upright and by the end of the lap we were all wet, muddy and spent. Either way it was another adventure at the Rockpile!!

Glengravel Ramble 2020
Kona Summer Mountain Bike Series #8