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NYS Churney Gurney

by Wendi Sebastian-Takakura and Yoh • August 05, 2018

On August 5, Yohsuke and I raced Churney Gurney of the NYS series. The last race was the Julbo Eastern Grind in Vermont (Bubba Series), but we decided to stay local this time around. Thunderstorms the day prior made for slippery conditions on super fun, fast, twisty trails. I had a couple of issues with some sneaky roots that liked to take me down, but my Carver wheels did not disappoint once again. The rain kept away the competitors, so I was the only one in the Pro category, hence taking the top spot. Yohsuke had fun in the mud, but some cramps caught him by surprise, losing a spot and ended up 7th in a competitive field.

Eastern States Cup Enduro #6 - Sugarbush VT
Single Speed USA, Port Jervis