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Route 66 Domnarski Farm

by Wendi Sebastian-Takakura and Yoh • June 27, 2018

On 6/24/18, Yohsuke and I drove to Ware, Massachusetts for the Route 66 Domnarski Farm xc race. Having never ridden there before, we knew it would be an interesting race. We weren't able to preride unfortunately, but happy that the rain held off. The course, which is located on private land, consisted of lots of trail climbs, some steep hike-a-bike, sweaty rocks, single plank bridges and a couple of fireroads. Although I tend to do well with climbing, I wasn't feeling top-notch on the course in other areas. During the race, I did have one minor crash next to a wooden single plank bridge. For the final lap, I was battling with 4th place, but ended up finishing 5th for the Pro/Open women's category. Yohsuke felt good during his race and finished 10th in his category. Looking forward to the next race!

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