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Secret Squirrel - Race 2 Bubba Trophy

by Alan Starrett • May 20, 2019

No smooth fast trails in Freetown!

People say Secret squirrel is nothing but rock gardens and I thought 'can't be that bad'.

Entering this race last minute and a long drive to get there, late with a flat tire five minutes before the start of the Open class. No pre-ride and no idea what I was in for, except for rock gardens, I just didn't want to be last. As soon as the race began the painful reality began. This was going to be a suffer fest x10. If you do not know the lines, you may do better walking the course. I am not one who says "I will never be back.' For me, the challenge motivates. This one allowed for deep thought into why I race. This challenge was the beginning to conquer this brutal course.

I will be back soon to recon in preparation for next year.

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