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Yohsuke Takakura, Glenville, NY

by Bikeman • January 01, 2020

Yohsuke Takakura

2024 Racing Age: 46

Residence: Glenville, NY

Where do I go Monday Morning: Atlas Copco (Not really, I’m still working remotely)

Racing Disciplines & Categories: Cat 3 CX, Cat 1 XC

# of years Racing: 24

# of bikes Owned: 6

Favorite Bikes: Santa Cruz Blur, Carver O’Beast Ti & Kona Super Jake

Favorite Trail or Ride: KT in VT

Non-Cyclist Interests/Hobbies: Trail building, justified as yardwork.

Summary: I’ve been riding and racing for so long that at this point it’s just part of who I am. Wendi, my wife, who races too, and I are just looking forward to taking our two-year-old little girl to the trails. We know she is going to have a blast!

Twitter: @YohsukeTakakura

Instagram: @yohsuke_takakura

Facebook: no thank you

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Turkey Cross 2019