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Turkey Cross 2019

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Written by Roger Jorgensen Thursday, 16 January 2020 22:00

A new venue for the Thanksgiving namesake. The Balearic Community Center at Estancia Park in Costa Mesa. Not only is this a great park, an historic adobe structure from our “Mission Days” is open to the public. Back to racing, lots of grass, barriers, sand and an upper and lower sections with true technical ascents and descents between. I however, did not spend enough time on these in warm up. The results were embarrassing, just never rode comfortably. Fought all the elements.


Anza Crossing

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Written by Roger Jorgensen Saturday, 30 November 2019 00:00

A return to Martha McLean Anza Narrows Park, I’ve recited the history, in past reports, but today’s story is the dry blustery winds and 90 degree heat. Upon set up and warm up, I noticed the slow and anguished look of racers, then my turn. Thankfully I flatted in the first lap. A return to my car for the single speed to complete a number of laps before the bell. No one noticed my bike swap in the parking lot, so I called it a day. The course can be fun but not today. No Bikeman.com standing around for awards.