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Pisgah Stage Race 50+

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Written by Paul Simoes Sunday, 22 April 2018 00:00

Of all the stage races out there, this is likely the one that has been on my radar maybe the longest but, being early April and being from cold Massachusetts and not being a trainer person, it makes it so hard to be ready for a stage race in April. Early March weather was good and we had a somewhat not bad February so, I signed up for the race, I’ve been wanting to do this and then the weather in New England went to hell. One nor'easter after another; riding in cold, nasty, slushy roads being chased by dogs. March riding was not all that fun but I needed to try be ready for this. I paid up.


Raceface Flank Core shirt

Product Reviews - Customer Reviews

Written by Administrator Monday, 09 April 2018 16:43

RaceFace Flank Core ProtectionWhen searching for upper body protection, I feel like the common theme is that there is way too much protection (which is great for downhill) or simply not enough (not really good for anything). At first glance the Raceface Flank Core might appear to fall in the "not enough" category, but that is just not the case. ...