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Tex & Matt’s Fall Report

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Wile E ready to go
We got to Big Bear on a beautiful Friday. Matt Stevens, his fiancé Jenny, and their friends Andy and Rachel. It is Octoberfest at this time in Big Bear. After long deliberations the gang convinced me to go. I am not very fond of large crowds, I enjoy the solitude of the cabin. They were calling me "the hermit", I did not argue with this moniker. Needless to say we stayed out late and we will leave it at that

The next morning we arrived at Snow Summit luckily the race does not start till 11:00 am. I met with some friends there relaxing before the XC. One of the gentlemen is my auto mechanic, Russ. He is a 60-year-old Vietnam vet that I have known for about 10 years. He and his buddies started a team called BIM Racing Inc., BIM stands for "Brothers in Misery" and they are really incorporated. My wife, Vikki, was going to physical therapy where Russ' wife works. They talked about how their husbands biked, then one day Vikki mentioned that we needed an auto mechanic, the rest is history. Matt and Andy did not race till the afternoon. They were doing the Super-D. Matt already had 2nd place in the state series locked up.

ImageI was doing the Single Speed XC as usual. The course is a long 20-mile loop. Russ and his buddies were dreading it being that they race the shorter beginner courses. Not much to say about the race except "three hours later." Russ and his buddies all did well in the race and the series. Russ ended up in first overall. He did most of the race series, one in particular comes to mind was in Arcata in northern California near Humboldt. It was a rainy weekend in the Redwoods, Russ said " I have not seen that much mud since the Mekong Delta in Vietnam." He has quite the good outlook on life, he is fun to be around.

ImageMatt and Andy raced the Super-D at around 3:00 pm. Now the Super-D I have done are staged at one-minute intervals. I guess they change it up this one was a mass start of 10-year age groups. Thinking about it, one would really push themselves in it, instead of pacing yourself. Matt ended up in 2nd and Andy 4th. They were in sad shape at the end.

We went to awards at La Montana, a Mexican restaurant in town. This was kind of nice you could have food and drink at the awards. They gave out awards for the day and the overall. Matt got 2nd in the California XC series, Andy got 4th, Russ got 1st and I got 9th in SS. I figured 9th out of about 40, was not to bad considering the number of races I did. Next year I will do more.

Got to go, the training starts now. The first race is in March, one of my faves, the Keyesville Classic.

Happy Trails,



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