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NC Training Camp Day 2

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

After our first good climb we stopped for a group picture overlooking the lake and some mountains. Further on, our fearless leaders got us lost on a singletrack with no intersections. I think they were confused by the "openness" of the NC forest. We took some scenic pics from another lookout that was quite beautiful, and then hit the lake for a little swimming.

ImageThe equipment du jour included a fleet of Salsa bikes (Moto Rapido, El Santo, Moto Rapido, and a Caballero) which all were fantastic of course! Every single wheel had a Panaracer Fire XC Pro on it, baby! They hooked up great in the hardpack dry conditions. We all agreed that the bikes and tires were awesome today. Anders' sported the bike-beater and walked into the NC convenience store with a new found confidence and he was really feeling the southern comfort.

ImageAll in all, the trails were fast, had nice berms for nice moto sound action from Mr. Larson "BaarhrrRRRR... BerearrrrrRRK". Overall the Tsali was beautiful, and every inch of trail is cut into the side of the hill with a few perilous spots. Some good climbing, rhythm, and stand-up hammering! Another really good day! Looks like the weather forecast in Maine is cold rain!!!! Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image1/2 the crew did a nice core workout while the others started libations. Dinner at the Bugaboo Creek of the south - Stone Creek included Fred Flintstone size portions of brontosaurus meat.

ImageTomorrow the group separates. The girls (including Jason) go south on the Parkway and the guys get in a good hard ride near Pisgah.




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