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NC Training Camp D5 P1

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Lets summarize the day: 80 miles, 2 MAJOR climbs, 2 screaming descents, 2 flat tires, BRAND NEW PAVEMENT (JB wet himself), 3 legged dog chase, 3,300 kilo joules, 5,200 calories, and a near brawl at the local Hot Spot convenience store (Ryan was kind of a dink to Anders who was just being unreasonable)... All capped off with a 10 mile climb ending with 6 miles of sweet switchbacks. Highlights of the final climb include Anders heart popping above LT hammerfest with JB chillin, tacked on his back wheel. Tom continued to work the liesurely base miles while his knees were popping, he's gunnin for the "A" team. If Tom races sport at this point he is a true sandbagger. Ryan swiftly rolled up the climb seated, 10 beats below LT, turning 250 to 270 watts on the Cycleops powermeter (Al would have been proud). Anders believes Ryan is a slave to his Cycleops "Petermeter", but hey, Results will tell. Here is to JB's longest road ride ever... Someone just farted, got to make a break for it!!!

Ryan and Crew


Click here for the Ride Shots - Tunnel

Click here for the Ride Shots - Blue Ridge Parkway
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