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Attic What IZIT #19

The Attic

If you go back through the Attic What IZIT Archives this one should not be too hard.  It is very similar to another item that has been posted.  That is all the help you are getting form us, now it is your turn.  We are looking for the Make and Model name for this item and it’s intended use.  Extra bonus points if you can supply the name of the product that this was designed to be used with.  The best answer wins and recounts of personal experience with the product is a plus.  The winning Answer is Posted!
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The Attic What IZIT is back and 19th edition provided some good answers.  One answer stood apart from the rest, with more information about the item than any of us here at Bikeman had remembered.  Here is the winner and several good runners up.

Winner: Gene Tolli - "BONTRAGER B.E.R.T.s - Bar End Re-inforcement Things. These were first seen with the Bontrager/Titec 118 bar. It's very thin end wall had a tendency to crack from a good smack. These machined aluminum tubes are 20.3mm (.8") long or 38.1mm long, with 21.38 outer diameter. The BERTs are pressed into the handlebar end. The pair of short BERTs weigh 6 grams, the longer pair weighs 15 grams."

Runner Up: John Palmer-Rye - "I do believe that this is Ernie's metro roommate BERT! Bar End Reinforcement Thing. They were supplied with Bontrager handlebars to reinforce the thin aluminum at the end of bars to prevent the bar-end clamp from crushing it."

Runner Up: Micheal Foley - "Those are Bontrager Berts! They were handlebar plug-ins for Bontrager Titanium handlebars (101's?) to keep from squishing the bar when using barends. They are aluminum with an O-ring at the end. For some weird reason, I have a set of these in my desk drawer at my insurance office. They've been there for years. Why? I don't know."

Runner Up: Will Waterstrat - "That looks to me like a bar-end reinforcement thing. I remember Titec used them in the end of some of their lightweight handlebars to keep them from cracking if you used barends. They were called BERTs. That's my guess. I've seen some of those (in the pic) laying around the shop where I work, but I'm not really sure. For some reason, I'm thinking it's a bontrager product as well... who knows..."

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