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Bond Brook 2 Man 6 Hour Expert

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Race Name: Bond Brook Treadfest 6 hour race
Race Date: 6/24/17
Category Raced: 2 person male expert
Race Location: Bond Brook, Augusta Maine

For my first race of the year I somehow managed to pick a nice long 6 hour race. I had heard lots of good things about the course and a friend asked if I wanted to do it as a team so I figured it wouldn't hurt too much. I had been commuting to work quite a bit, but no serious training rides and had only done one other trail ride previous to the race so we both agreed it would be more of a event for fun rather than trying to kill ourselves for a result.

Even before the race started it was an interesting day. An hour before the race kicked off, it rained very hard. As I hadn't ridden on the trails at all and was not at all looking for any kind of lap time, I volunteered to take the opening lap. I lined up near the middle of the pack and made it a point to get off to a nice slow start to find my way. It was fun sliding around on the nordic trails with a lot of other people for the first 1/2 mile. I managed to keep it upright and make it to the single track with a few people that I knew would lead me down through it and pick good lines. We passed a few of the strong starters that were having a bit of trouble on the slick roots. The first lap was nice and uneventful, my legs survived all the little punchy climbs and I only had one little step off when I overcooked a corner. Even though all the trails were really wet I had lots of fun and passed quite a few people.

My second and third laps I took at a relatively easy pace, but pushed a lot harder on the downhill sections since the trails were drying out. The nice flowy turns started getting really fast and it was really easy to get back in to the hang of riding fast. I even managed to set the third fastest time on one of the downhill sections on Strava so I hadn't forgotten too much over the winter. My fourth and final lap was definitely a struggle. It started raining lightly again so everything got really slippery and my legs started giving up. I just cruised around to get to the finish line so my team mate could take his lap. My first three laps were all around the 43 minute mark, but this fourth one ended around 50 minutes. Clearly need to work on the endurance before the next event, but my bike handling and short burst power felt pretty good.

Overall my team mate and I got third in the 2 person male expert category. The trails were as fun as I had heard and I had a very fun time. I'll probably stick to this longer type of racing for this season, it's a fun style and hanging out with people in between laps makes the race fly by. The Carrabassett backcountry challenge is next on my list, which should be a really fun time! Keep riding and don't forget to have fun!

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