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SKU: CARV-96 Product is exempt from Free Shipping Carver Bikes 96'er Frame

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  • SKU: CARV-96 Carver Bikes 96'er Frame

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A new generation of mountain bikes is born. Bigger where it counts, 29 inch front wheel, 26 inch rear wheel. Our first production bicycle is the 96'er, incorperating three basic theories, Roll It, Rip It and Punch It. Here is how it works....

  • Roll it! The 29'' front wheel is all about rolling it. A 29'' front wheel, with it's larger radius, rolls over obstacles more easily than a 26'' wheel. A real benefit on rocky and rooty sections. Motocross racers years ago discovered the value of a big wheel patch up front. More flotation on soft terrain with a larger surface area and longer tire contact patch for extra traction in the corners.
  • Rip it!A fixed gear, single-speed or internally geared hub can be used without a chain tensioner. With the EBB the ride of the bike is adjustable. Looking for a bit more clearance to rip the technical sections? Rotate the EBB to it's uppermost position. Want a lower center of gravity for high speed non-technical rides? Rotate the EBB to the lowest position. The options are endless.
  • Punch it! For strength, weight, climbing, power and accelleration the 26'' rear wheel is how we roll. A 26'' rear wheel is lighter and stronger than a 29'' rear wheel while also avoiding the chainstay length issues that come with a 29'' rear wheel. The 26'' allows for a straight seattube and centers your weight on the rear wheel for better climbing. Normal gearing too! No need to gear down to offset the higher gearing of a bigger wheel.
  • The 96'er is also an inexpensive way to test the waters on 650b! With a 120mm travel fork, the frame's geometry can be conserved while allowing you to run both front and rear 650b wheels! The only caveat is that you cannot run 650b x 2.3'' or wider tires in the rear.
Manufacturer  Carver Bikes
Manufacturer Part Number  CARV-96
Model  Carver Bikes 96er Frame
Usually Ships in 2-3 Days
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