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Attic What IZIT #12

by Bikeman • August 23, 2023

We had a lot of fun with the Attic What IZIT back in the day. We'd dig up some of the more obscure parts hiding here and put it out to our loyal visitors to come up with what it is. Bikeman would always know of course but it was entertaining to see how long it would take for someone else to come up with the correct answer. We would post the answer so the winner could take a victory lap. In the event of multiple correct answers we would post the most complete or creative one. We'll try to dust one of these off each week and keep the excitement going of what will pop up next.

Originally Published early in this century

This little relic was found during our annual inventory. Hidden away for many years, can you believe that no one came in the store asking for this! The required elements are Company who made the item, Functionality and product Name, if you can dig that far back into the memory bank. As always extra points for creativity and stories of personal use.

Wow, this little guy seemed to leave even our most knowledgeble regulars scratching their heads. We had two answers that would qualify for the prize. Each had a portion of the answer correct, but in the end only one can win. The winner took the time to explain in detail what he thought the functionality was. In the end his creative thinking won out to the correct product name and manufacturer.

The Winner is Will Waterstrat

"Ok, fat chance of winning this one. Not sure about the product name or year... but just by looking at it, it looks like one of those things for cleaning out your cassette (or freewheel in those days). Looks like you'd mount it between the nut of the skewer and the frame, and the black plastic pieces would mount to clean between the teeth. Appears that there's a couple replacement brushes, no doubt for when you actually get something troublesome between the cogs and the brush thingy snaps off in a heartbeat. I remember another version of this thing by a higher profile company... I was gonna say Ringle, but I'm thinking of the "anti-chain-suck-device". PS: Taber is a dork. . " (Yes he is.. Bikeman)

Runner Up

Caleb Smith from

"Shimano Mud Scraper" (Correct product name and manufacturer but just not enough to win the prize... Bikeman)

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