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by Michael Green • December 01, 2023

Peak2Peak 2023

In the run up to the end of my season, I decided to replicate the build up I’d had last year - three weekends in a row of fast, explosive racing: Peak2Peak, cyclocross state championships and the Iceman Cometh Challenge.

Again, as the weather was decent, we decided to extend the weekend in northern Michigan and spend a few days camping and hiking after the race. Peak2Peak is a 37 mile MTB race around and up a ski hill in Thompsonville, Michigan. Some great trails, a brutal climb and wickedly fast descending. Sounds fun eh?

The event does a great job with the Elite waves meaning you’re lining up with those in your age group rather than mixed with others. The start was frantic and fast, I tucked in trying to keep out of the wind before the singletrack and entered in the top 5. The track was awesome: nice and flowy with hero dirt hooking up the tires nicely. I was really working to hold the wheels and I was riding well. On the first climb up the ski hill, one jumped off the front and in hindsight I wish I’d followed his wheel, but knowing those I was riding with, I was happy with my performance and where I was.

On the second lap I went to the front of the group which was about six in total but we were also picking up riders from previous waves. By the time we got to the hill for the second time there was just four of us. I sat back a bit into the final lap and sat on the back until we got to a short dirt road section about half way round. Everyone sat up and started fueling for the final push but I was the only one carrying a hydro pack and had no reason to sit up, so I went to the front again to punch the pace and not let the others fuel.

Peak2Peak 2023

I was feeling good and confident. I led up the hill and about half way dropped my dang chain. The others went around me as I climbed off my bike to replace my chain - I was pretty upset to say the least. I remounted my bike and gave it everything up the remaining portion of the hill knowing that the short singletrack descent meant no passing so it had to be on the hill.

I overtook one on the remaining climb and snuck into the singletrack just ahead of another. That places me fourth overall in the 50+ which wasn’t bad for the oldest guy in the class. It was generally a good day. I rode well, the others at the finish commended my riding which I hadn’t heard in a long while. Feeling good with two races remaining: LET’S GO!!!

Moran 66
Power Outage at Bikeman Headquarters