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Attic What IZIT #9

by Bikeman • August 02, 2023

We had a lot of fun with the Attic What IZIT back in the day. We'd dig up some of the more obscure parts hiding here and put it out to our loyal visitors to come up with what it is. Bikeman would always know of course but it was entertaining to see how long it would take for someone else to come up with the correct answer. We would post the answer so the winner could take a victory lap. In the event of multiple correct answers we would post the most complete or creative one. We'll try to dust one of these off each week and keep the excitement going of what will pop up next.

Originally Published early in this century

Time to step it up a notch. The What IZIT #8 proved a bit too easy, as several folks had the correct answer, now posted in the Attic Archives. For #9 we are looking for Maker, and exact usage. Be as specific as possible and remember that personal experience counts. As always in the event that there is more than on correct answer the most creative will win. Bikeman Sox to the winner.

The answers are in and several contestants had the correct answer. It comes down to the final judges decision. A very close call, as the second place finisher had a great personal experience story that involved bodily injury. Both the winner and first runner up had the component maker correct, SRP, but the winner gave us more details on the part than anyone really needs to know. It is that kind of useless info that can win the Attic What IZIT.

The Winner is Telford Crisco

"I believe Attic What IZIT #9 is a SRP aluminum lock nut for Shimano M737/A525 pedals. A frequent problem with the Shimano pedals was the plastic locknut used to hold the spindle bearing unit in place. The nut, when turned the wrong way, had a tendency to shear off. When that happened there was no real way to remove the spindle or the broken imbedded part. SRP made a replacement that is machined from aluminum. The CNC machined part is identical to the original. The image you use shows you a black exterior. SRP originally made them in gold. "

Runners Up Include:

John Donjoian

"Its an SRP aluminum SPD pedal bearing collar. Unique because the standard parts were plastic... I knew a guy that had some as part of a kit with titanium spindles for the pedals. They broke. He got a nasty gash on his lower leg. I never bought any."


"I found the Bikeman What IZIT page while looking online to get more of them! They are the bearing sleeve for an early Shimano clipless pedal, such as the PD-M737. It needs a special tool to remove (doh!) but pedal bearing lubrication can be as simple as disassemble, fill the pedal cavity with grease, reassemble to purge, disassemble again and clean out the excess grease, then reassemble and go ride. Almost as easy as the Suntour/WTB Grease Guard(tm). A big disadvantage is the Shimano tool only goes on if you remove the pedal from the crank, else bearing service would be 1/3 faster!"

Greg Minnick

"This part should be marked JAPAN VIA and labeled "Tighten" with arrow. You should use Shimano TL-PD40 gray plastic round wrench tool to remove/install. Found on Shimano M737 pedals from I don't remember how many years ago(I'm feeling old). This piece screws the pedal bearing/spindle assembly into the body of the pedal. I had one of these parts crack slightly, allowing dirt to get into the bearings. I was able to replace this part to keep my pedals spinning smoothly. I still have the pedals and the broken part (I'm a bit of a packrat). "

Pat Grier

"Yup, its a part from a Shimano SPD pedal Spuds Betwixt the axle and the pedal body. "

Rich Visscher

"That is a spindle cover for an old Shimano 737 clipless pedal. "

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