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Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge 2021

by Leah Elias • July 23, 2021

CBCC 100k was a great race. Race course had to be changed from one 100k loop to two 50k laps. It pushed me both physically and mentally. There were three big climbs, first two about 2 miles, last one totals eight miles. Some of the grades were as steep as 11-12%. Opted to push the bike on those and not burn out the quads. The benefit to two laps is you know the course, the downside is you know what brutality you are in for on round two. There is a strong pull to want to stop after one lap. Didn't give myself that option. Aid stations were well supplied wiring, coke, water, electrolytes, pb and j, gu gels, pickles bananas and other snacks. Course well marked and staff was very supportive and helpful along the way. This race was brutal, but would definitely do it again! I love a good sufferfest.

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