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H2H Bulldog Rump - Kittatinny State Park, NJ

by Wendi Sebastian-Takakura • July 22, 2018

On Sunday, 7/15/18, I raced in what was my home county of Sussex, at the H2H Bulldog Rump, at Kittatinny State Park in NJ. During the pre-ride the night before, the trails were dry and fast. Later that evening and into the early morning, we had heavy thunderstorms. So I knew the trails were going to be extra slick. Had a good start into the singletrack and a lot of fun slipping & sliding throughout the trails. Tried to make up time in the fast, non-technical areas and finished 2nd. Thank you, Bikeman, for all of your support! Looking forward to the next race!

Gnar Weasels/Bubba Trophy Series
CBCC 100K 2018 - Carrabassett Valley ME