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Jonathan Salinger, Providence, RI

by Bikeman • January 01, 2020

2024 RACING AGE: 62

RESIDENCE: Providence, RI

WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: Mortgage Equity Partners @ 225 Dyer Street-2nd floor in by the end of the new Pedestrian Bridge in Providence’s Innovation and Design District (Rhode Island) I’ve been helping folks with home purchase financing and refinancing throughout New England, FL, CO and several other states for over 28 years.

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S): ESC Enduro 50+ Open, ESC Motorex Ebike Enduro Open, EWS/EWS Qualifier 40+ Masters, DH 50+ Cat 1 (with Cats 2-3 combined) XC/Endurance

# OF YEARS RACING: Ran a few XC races from 1995-2000 – Bought a NORBA license in 2001 so 28 years – was seriously racing from 2001-2005 and the again from the last ESC Cup Enduro race of the 2013 racing season to present and beyond

# OF BIKES OWNED: :5: 2023 Transition Repeater E-Bike set up for Enduro racing (don’t judge me!.. very fun! – and I will be racing it again this year in the Motorex Ebike Enduro series); My “quiver of one” race whip: 2021 Transition Sentinel V2 (modified this past summer to 165mm rear travel with Cascade link and 170mm Fox 38 fork)- Then there is my vintage 20” BMX and my “road bike”: a Steel Schwinn Classic Beach Cruiser with Nexus 7 speed internal hub and coaster brake; with full fenders (front and rear) and a big front mounted cargo basket! – It’ the best for spinning around town, pick up Chinese food, etc.. , And finally, since it has two wheels, and is truly a fast-blast to ride; I am including my “scooter” ( this was a 45th birthday present from my wife) ..a beautiful Black and Tan ’07 Ducati GT1000 Sport-Classic with dual Termignoni exhaust (along with a few other select performance upgrades) .. For zipping to/from the office and rushing to appointments around the state – it’s quicker and with a little creativity I can always find convenient free parking.. even in downtown Boston.

FAVORITE BIKE: I could tell you; but that wouldn't be fair to the others, now would it? (LOL - right now it's tied between the ebike and the enduro..)

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: My custom loops on the fun flowing trails of 8000 acre Big River Management Area, West Greenwich, RI

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Telemark/Backcountry/Alpine-Touring Skiing with either or both of my two sons… I also volunteer 5-10 hours of chainsaw time every month to keeping our trails clear of deadfall.

PERSONAL NOTES & QUOTES: I love (working on) hitting big lines on big trails.. Racing is a way to connect with others that share this passion… and chilling with the folks I meet at the camp site – cooking, eating, drinking, laughing... these are the best of times… ..and I love showing folks some of the best trails in New England (or just riding them with my dog, Rozzi); I am an RI-NEMBA ride leader for Big River Management Area (8000+ Acres) and Arcadia Management Area (approx. 18,000 acres).. Come on down for a ride.... Let me put together a loop for you… 10-15-20+ miles non-stop flowing single track!

Do you have a passion for racing bikes? Want to be part of the Bikeman team? Contact Alan our Team Manager for details.

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