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Man versus Moose

by John Sumner • May 27, 2020

A gorgeous sunny day riding with my son........goes wrong in seconds.A week ago Sunday afternoon, my son and I rode from West Mtn/Sugarloaf to Flagstaff Lake Hut. We saw a black bear earler that morning and a moose in a marsh while riding. On the way home traveling at speed downhill on Long Falls Dam road, 1 mile to the carriage road, I noticed something to my right. When I turned my head I saw a moose snout and giant eyeball 2 feet away. I stood up on my pedals and then it cut me off. My right shoulder, side of my neck and right hand impacted It's rear quarter. I then hit the pavement on my left side, road rashed and had the wind knocked out of me. After twenty minutes self assessing, I painfully rode back to Tufulios where my wife met me and drove me to Franklin Memorial Hospital.

A for the bike, handlebars are bent and I think its hoof went through my rear spokes, several are ripped out of the rim.

I was really lucky, not sure if we just collided or it chased me down. I never saw the moose until it was too late. This happened so fast I had no time to react.

In pain, bruised but alive!

Stay safe!

2020 IditaFAT
Kona Summer Mountain Bike Series #1