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Really Rad Festival of Cyclecross

by John Sumner • November 04, 2018

Photo credit Aliicia Crowell Fuller

The High Holy days of Cyclocross are upon us and this weekend was the beginning of a back to back two-weekend doubleheader. This time Falmouth, MA. I have never been to this race before and had no idea what to expect.

Both days, the course was flat, sandy, fast smooth grass, and muddy. What lacked in climbing was made up with small steep rollers, off camber muddy sections, Belgian steps, barriers, and the longest sand pit in the Northeast... according to the announcer. Saturday weather was fifty degrees, windy, heavy rain, and plenty of mud. Sunday was dry, mid-forties with less wind.

After a long work week without any training, I was unsure how I would perform. Cat 2/3/4 looked like a tough reality on the lineup, plenty of college racers half my age. They were fast but not able to lap me, and I did not end up DFL. I was 30th and can live with that.

Day two was back to Masters 40+. I had gone on a twenty-mile ride on the Falmouth bike path Saturday afternoon and was concerned I may have gone too hard. Overall I wound up eleventh. Again happy not to be DFL or lapped and scored my lowest points in a CX race evah!

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