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Twin Brook Fat Bike Race 2019

by Chris Poulin • January 24, 2019

Photo Credit to Angelica Dixon Photography

The second annual Twin Brook Fat Bike Race 2019 is promoted by Hank Pfeifle via Downeast Racing. Held at Twin Brook Recreation Area in Cumberland Maine, it hosted a power course laced with rolling meadow inclines with one quick 7.6% grade to tap those already lactic legs. The Tall Sock Racing team had four racers in the short course field; James Whelan, Liam Somers, Kent Ryan and Chris Poulin. Like any other, the race started with a positioning sprint and quickly developed a 4 to 5 man separation for the lead. Interestingly, the slowest lap time was for the first lap apparently due to the course conditions. As more laps were made, the dominant lines in the recently groomed course began to pack, corners tightened, and climbing stabilized a bit more. Fortunately the long course race started 10 minutes prior to the short and the 20+ racers bore the challenge of the freshly groomed track. This course in the end was won by the power dominant over the tackling gifted. Unless of course you dared to grab a ground level prime on turn 1 and 8 :-)

Kent Ryan came in 4th, Liam Somers in 6th, James Whelan 12th, and Chris Poulin took the podium with a 1st place win acquiring one of only 10 Twin Brook Fat Tire t-shirts in the galaxy.

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