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2020 Rangely Fat Bike Loppet

by Lindsay Currier • February 25, 2020

Racing is finicky in that it takes so many pieces to all come together, including but not limited to; having the right equipment, paying for and getting to the race, preparing your body and mind, and in some cases finding someone to watch your kid(s). I was really grateful to have participated in all stops of the Maine Winter Series in 2019 on a demo Carver O'Beast, riding on my lunch break almost every day, my parents babysitting my daughter every race, my long time buddy Jarett tagging along for morale, and my old car limping along over 1,000 miles. This year that didn't pan out for me. I now have a reliable car, but haven't had a bike or conditions or energy or time to train (excuses?). The series somehow got all clumped together making childcare more of a challenge than I could handle. But somehow for the Rangeley Loppet I magically as it seems was able to get a Kona Woo at the very last minute (thanks Bikeman!) and my parents were at Saddleback and agreed to watch my now extremely rambunctious 3 year old so I could go 'do my thing'. I got to ski and ride with my kiddo at Titcomb the day before and then hit the road to make it up to Rangeley for the sunset (and therefore dinner, bath, and bedtime on time). There's a whole extra story to be told about losing my iphone in deep snow while trying to take a picture and having to borrow a shovel from AJ's to dig for hours to find it, but overall I was able to pull off 3rd in the Women's Short Course and had a fun time riding with Elisa Olds and the usual pass by Rick Nelson. So now, hopefully, the goal is to keep the wheels turning so I can fit back into my Bikeman kit. :-)

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