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Carrabassett Fat Bike Race 2020

by David Greeley • February 20, 2020

Photo Credit - Tom Cromwell

Conditions for the 2020 Carrabassett Fat Bike Race were excellent. Smooth, firm, groomed snow and temperatures around 20 degrees were all that a racer could hope for. The race started on a double track nordic ski trail at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center. The start was fast, as could be expected given the excellent conditions. The race course was a mix of double track and singletrack sections combined to make up a 5 mile lap with approx 450 feet of climbing per lap. The "long course" that I had entered was 20 miles or, 4 laps. Out of the start, the fastest riders made their way to the front very quickly. Fellow rider Scott Burrell was at the front of the pack of around 20 racers and finished second! (Way to go Scott!). I maintained 5th place for the first two laps. At mid race I was caught by a chase group of 4 riders. For the next few miles our group traded places as we transitioned from climbs to single track downhills, depending on each other's particular strengths. In the end, I ended up in 9th place, about a minute behind the group I had been chasing. The race was very well run and as I said before, the course was excellent. My trusty Carver Obeast performed flawlessly as I expected it would. Thanks to Sugarloaf, CV Nemba and of course for all of your hard work and support to make this race a reality.

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