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Attic What IZIT #10

by Bikeman • August 09, 2023

We had a lot of fun with the Attic What IZIT back in the day. We'd dig up some of the more obscure parts hiding here and put it out to our loyal visitors to come up with what it is. Bikeman would always know of course but it was entertaining to see how long it would take for someone else to come up with the correct answer. We would post the answer so the winner could take a victory lap. In the event of multiple correct answers we would post the most complete or creative one. We'll try to dust one of these off each week and keep the excitement going of what will pop up next.

Originally Published early in this century

A toe clip! That is correct this is a toeclip but if you look close you will realize that this isn't your run of the mill toeclip. Bikeman is looking for the exact make and model of this product and a little info on what made this toeclip so special. A picture of one still in use or a good story about a personal experience you had with these clips with garner some bonus points.

The answers are in and this week we have a clear cut winner, No contest. If you want to know what it takes to dominate the Attic What IZIT you must read Bobs answer. He answered all the required elements and added some personal insight that you just cant beat. Great Job!

The Winner is Bob Conklin, Laguna Beach, CA

"This item is, I believe, related to What IZIT #2 - Joe's Cage. These were Joe's toeclips. I think the year must have been around 1985 or so because I bought a pair for my Ritchey Ascent. I was really impressed by the thoughtful engineering that I assumed would transfer to the real needs of the mountain biker. They just looked right. They were sturdy, featured double eyelets for the straps and had the little flipper on the leading edge. What more could you want from toeclips? Unfortunately, they just didn't work that well. If I remember correctly, the design was flawed in that over a short period of time the plastic deformed and the clip closed down on itself making it difficult to get your shoe in easily. I'm not the type that returns things, but these I took back to the shop for a refund. No offense to Joe intended. In fact I still have and ride regularly a beautiful 1991 Merlin mountain bike that was a Joe Murray design."

Runner Up Dave Richardson

"Sweet Kona/Joe Murray "Joe's Clips"!"... Not quite enough

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